Cedar Resin, raw (Zhivica)

Raw Cedar Resin from Pinus Sibirica tree


Contains 100% raw cedar resin.


Pinus Sibirica resin is one of the most powerful antiseptics which helps naturally improve immune system, increase the content of phagocytes in the blood, fight viruses, parasites, and foreign pathogens. In general, the result is more intensive and effective work of human body.


Pinus Sibirica resin substance is obtained from under damaged bark of cedar trees. Solid resin speeding up healing and efficiently protects the area of damage. Unlike other conifers, Cedar Resin don't crystallize, don't lose its bactericidal properties.


Ingridients: 100% Pinus Sibirica resin


Contraindications: individual intolerance, pregnancy, breastfeeding.


Storage: dry, dark space at temperature 0-5°C.

Storage term: 2 years

Made in Siberia, Russia.


50 gr


Cedar Resin, raw (Zhivica)

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