Cedar Resin Cream

Cream based on natural bee's wax with 15% Cedar Resin


Directions for use: dry skin, fungal diseases, hematomas, diseases of the broncho-pulmonary system, colds and viral diseases, diseases of joints, spine, nervous system, trophic ulcers, gynecological diseases, trauma, diseases of teeth and gums.


Apply by massaging movements on clean, dry skin of hands, face, body.


Ingridients: Natural bee's wax, flax oil, 15% Pinus Sibirica resin.


Contraindications: individual intolerance, pregnancy, breastfeeding.


Storage: dry, dark space at temperature not more than 10°C.

Storage term: 18 month

Made in Siberia, Russia.


80 gr

Cedar Resin Cream

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